Community and Business-Friendly Growth

My goal is to make Jordan the most welcoming, pro-business atmosphere in Scott County for families and businesses. 

  • Businesses should prepare to abide by Jordan’s rules, but those rules should be clear, forward-looking, and competitive with neighbor and “competitor” communities  
  • Staff and volunteer city personnel (e.g., EDA, Planning Commission) will work together to respectfully help applicants through any governmental barriers that applicants may face when seeking to invest in our community.  
  • Let’s market our town! While serving on the Jordan City Council, I helped lead our city to new standards of marketing what a special community we have built here, together. By producing media content, by saving money and our environment by switching to community solar, becoming a GreenStep City, we have met the task of serving our neighbors and taxpayers at the same time, and helping tell Jordan’s story as a welcoming, clean, values-oriented community worth investing in.  

Respect for the Taxpayer

Our property taxes, water rates and other costs of living in this community are high. There’s reasons for it, but no getting around it. As Mayor I believe it will become my job to drive value for every penny that you send to the city’s coffers in order to operate.  

Working with the Council, we will work to identify opportunities to re-think city service delivery, where possible, in order to maximize taxpayer investment.  

We will work with other governmental entities such as Scott County, SCALE, ISD 717 and our surrounding communities to identify potential sources of savings.  


The City itself doesn’t have a specific role in managing our schools. BUT by working with our public and private schools, we can promote a shared vision of a welcoming community in which our kids will receive a world-class education. 


If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that carefully laid plans can quickly be rendered irrelevant. If elected, I’ll work with the Council to pursue resilience plans so that Jordan’s plans for growth are able to withstand unexpected shocks and stresses.  

We’ll also look at the 2020 experience as an opportunity to update our codes, zoning, development standards and other learned experiences to ensure that our city – especially our business community – can continue to safely operate at high capacity even during a public emergency.