Mike Franklin

For Jordan Mayor

Jordan is a city poised to go from good to great. I strongly believe that with a common focus and spirited leadership we can achieve growth and prosperity, while protecting our small town feel. 

Vision, Issues, & Values

Vision for a Prosperous Jordan: If elected Mayor, I understand and accept the responsibility to serve as an ambassador for our town, lead our staff, council and volunteer committees, agencies and authorities to a shared vision of a prosperous, healthy community.   It’s a competitive world out there, and growing communities like Jordan are competing for businesses to locate in our borders.  

  • We must be able to “sell” what we know makes our community great – clearly, proactively and aggressively.
  • Our city infrastructure, relationships across governments and posture toward newcomers must all align.  
  • And, we must maintain the small-town familiarity that we love, while responsibly growing our community to accommodate new opportunities and amenities for our residents and businesses alike.

An Atmosphere of Teamwork and Professionalism

  • We’re at a critical turning point in our community. If elected, I will work to build a sense of true teamwork among Jordan’s City leadership, including Council, Committees and Staff 
  • In my opinion, we have the opportunity in the next 4 years to present a unified, progressive, consistent, and professional image to the broader community.   
  • As Mayor, I will work with the City Council, and also with School District, County and State officials every day to help position our community as one of the best performers in the Twin Cities metro region.  
  • I will insist on a culture of courtesy and helpfulness – at every level – for all applicants who wish to invest their time, talent or treasure in our community will be emphasized at every potential opportunity 

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